MyFordBenefits is Ford’s online performance portal for your employees. All employees should use this website regularly to update their work and receive direct benefits.


Please note the following mention of Ford benefits that the company offers its employees through this online portal. The Ford company treats its employees like family and offers different types of insurance for everyone. An employee can get this financial assistance from Ford when he needs it or after retirement.

MyFordBenefits Benefits

MyFordBenefits benefits are listed below:

  • Career
  • Life insurance
  • Incentives and salaries
  • Vacation pay and free training
  • Discounts for Ford vehicles.
  • Medical insurance, accident insurance, and more.
  • Eligible Child Benefits Application (OQMC)
  • Vision insurance
  • Health insurance
  • Dental insurance
  • additional unemployment
  • Fatal accident and administrative offenses insurance
  • Legal advance payment
  • Life insurance
  • Temporary disability insurance
  • long term disability insurance


MyFordBenefits Retiree Benefits

People who have dedicated their careers to Ford and its success. In return, we want to make sure you have the necessary retirement provision. It is for this reason that we review our retirement plans each year to ensure we continue to offer attractive options that meet the needs of our retirees.

Health care costs continue to rise across the country, increasing the cost of health insurance for retirees. We continue to make the necessary changes to provide competitive pricing options to our retirees. As a result, beginning January 1, 2020, all pre-Medicare eligible retirees will choose between two new health insurance options.

The options for the 2020 medical plan are:

  • PPO 3600 + HSA
  • OPP 4000

Both health insurance options allow you to see any doctor of your choice within the Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan network. The PPO 3600 + HSA includes a Health Savings Account (HSA) option that can save you money to pay for current and future health expenses.