Medical Plan

MyFordBenefits is one of the most popular websites for Ford employees. MyFordBenefits Login is the web interface that offers Ford employees various benefits and discounts.


Ford Motor Company offers its employees various points of interest such as dentistry, vision, wellness, and more. Ford Company treats its employees like family, offering them different levels of insurance. Employees can benefit from this financial support from Ford. MyFordBenefits is the Ford Company retirement program.

All retired Ford employees enjoy many benefits through this program. Ford Company has launched a website called to access and manage all of its employee accounts. Information on pension benefits can be accessed by all employees through the website.


MyFordBenefits Health Insurance Plans

There are 4 main benefits, depending on your needs and treatment needs: A Medicare-qualified early retirement plan. With the latest update to the 2019 Ford Medical Plan, these plans are broken down into:

  • PPO 2000 + HSA
  • OPP 2500
  • OPP 1000
  • PPO 1350 + HSA

All of the above medical plans include the ability to see the doctor of your choice. The Supplemental Health Savings Account is included in the PPO 2000 + HSA and PPO 1350 + HAS options and you can simply set your money aside and pay your current and future health costs.

When registering for the PPO 2000 + HSA or PPO 1350 + HAS, which have the Health Savings Account (HAS) option, the following points must be observed:

  • Financing: You can easily fund HAS to pay for your current and future healthcare expenses.
  • Contributions: If you make contributions to the HSA, note that they are paid directly after-tax to Wireworks, the HSA administrator.
  • HAS Opening: By signing up for your health plan, you can open an HSA. Remember that once you have an HSA, you don’t need to open a new account.
  • Modify The Contribution: The contribution amount can be easily modified at any time.
  • Direct Access: HSA is instantly available through an employment contract at

Other benefits of the MyFordBenefits program. There are other amazing benefits Ford can offer you, such as:

MyFordBenefits Additional Health Benefits

As part of this service program, you can choose between two dental fees:

One is traditional PPO and the other is

Oral Health Maintenance Organization (DHMO)

Traditional OPP

MetLife treats traditional PPO and you can easily visit any dentist of your choice and also have the freedom to request treatment, or even a dentist that is part of the Preferred Dentist Program (PDP) network. A dentist who is not online.


DHMO offers you the option of contracting with a dentist to participate in the DHMO program and services received from a non-participating dentist are not covered.

Optical Advantages

You and the care of your glasses are insured with Vision. On the other hand, this Davis Vision plan is covered with the lowest premium and offers discounts on exams, glasses, and contact lenses.

Legal Plans

Several attractive plans include legal and financial services for your family, including writing a will, buying and selling a home, resolving disputes with the contractor, resolving warranty issues, or accepting disputes. 100% copayment and deductible coverage when working with a network attorney.