MyFordBenefits: Are you a retired Ford employee or company? If so, insist on reading this MyFordBenefits article to the end because it is for you.


MyFordBenefits offers the Ford Partner Recognition Program where they have an X-Plan. This plan offers discounts for former and current Ford employees and their friends. Read this article to learn more about the Ford X Plan and other important information.

MyFordBenefits X-Plan Eligibility

Ford’s partner recognition programs offer customers the same benefits as Ford employees. However, customers should be entitled to these benefits. These are the criteria of the Ford X plan

  • Current or Retired Ford Employees
  • Family employees and spouses
  • Current resident or retired employee
  • Authorized collaborating companies
  • Customers invited by Ford Motor Company
  • Family, friends, or neighbors sponsored by a current or retired Ford employees.


MyFordBenefits X-PlanĀ 

Here’s how it works when you’re eligible for the Ford X Plan

  • The user must dial 1-800-348-7709 to obtain the PIN (this PIN is only available twice a year)
  • Visit the nearest dealer where the Ford Partner Recognition Program is available
  • Enter the PIN code and an identification document such as:

Payment receipt, business card, health or W-2 card, printed or valid membership card.

  • Friends and neighbors do not need proof of eligibility.
  • After that, they can use the Ford X-Plan.

Ford Partner Login

If a user or employee wants more details about their Ford X plan, check directly on the portal. that is how

  • Visit the official site at Ford’s partner site.
  • The customer must enter a partner code on the home page.
  • You can get the membership code by calling 1-800-348-7709.
  • Enter the partner code and choose a country between the US and Canada.
  • Click Submit and review all the details of the Ford X-Plan.

The Ford X Plan is part of Ford’s Neighborhood Partner Recognition Program, which offers discounts to friends and family of Ford employees. In this article, we provide information on Ford X Plan eligibility and how to log into the Ford Partner website. If you have any questions about this article, ask us in the comments section.